All India Saraswat Cultural Organisation (AISCO) (and the All India Saraswat Foundation AISF-twin organizations with Headquarters in Mumbai - often treated as one organisation) is the only organisation available to the Saraswats of all the denominations to come together under one roof to preserve and propagate their culture. In December, 1999 in Mangalore in Karnataka, they organized a 4 days mammoth world convention, first of its kind when 15,000 Saraswats from the world over participated, besides the Saraswat Gurupeethadhipatis of Shri Kashi Math, Shri Gokarn Math, Shri Kaivalya Math and Shri Chitrapur Math (web site : The participants touched upon various issues confronting the Saraswats in the changing times and values.

( In the Picture is Shri M.V.Kamath, a veteran Saraswat journalist being honoured at the Vishwa Saraswat Sammelan)

AISCO is the only organisation dedicated to the preservation and propagation of the Saraswat Culture. It has a quarterly House Magazine named Samyukta Saraswat posted free to all the Members on payment of one time Membership Fee at Rs.300/- for individuals and Rs.500/- for institutions.

The organisation has the tradition of conferring the coveted award of Saraswat Ratna for the meritorious services to the society. Shri K.V.Kamath, M.D.& CEO of ICICI, has been conferred with this award for the year 2001 on 3rd March, 2002 during the joyful occasion of 30 Annual Day of AISCO.

Last year the AISCO had also honoured all the Saraswat Gurupeethas by presenting silver sanman patras to them.

Address : All India Saraswat Cultural Organisation, (President : Shri S. V. Pikale) "Ashwamedh", 10, Botawala Bldg., Sitaladevi Temple Road, Mahim, Mumbai - 400016

Tel. : 022-445 3620.
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