Established on : 14th August of 1977 by G. S. B. Youths. 

Journey Details : From Mangalore 56 kms. to the North. From Udupi 36 kms. to the South. 

Nearby Interesting Places : Karkala is an historical place of pilgrimage for Jains. This was the capital of Bhairavarasa Kings in the days of yore who were Jains. They patronised GSBs in Karkala. There is a monolithic Gomateshwara Statue - 42 feet high and about 30 Basadis, the Jain temples.  In the heart of the town is the ancient and famous Sri Venkataramana Temple of our community. Karkala is a place of natural, scenic beauty. Has a big sweet water lake called Ramasamudra. Within the town is another lake called Anekere which was used to wash the King's elephants in the days of yore. Karkala derived its name from black granite stones Kari Kallu in Kananada as the place is surrounded by rocky hillocks, easily lending themselves for stone carvings and idol making. 
(Pic : Gomateshwara at Karkal)

GSB Temples : In Karkala: Shri Venkataramana Temple with four pillars by Shilpi Gopal Shenoy with intricate carvings. The giant size Maruti Temple in front of Shri Venkatramana Temple across the street. Shri Padmavati Temple, Shri Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Temple and Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Ranjal, near Karkala. Persons with Notable Achievements : Dr. Shilpi Gopal Shenoy's grandson, Shilpi Radhadhava Shenoy carries on the tradition of his grandfather of making idols from stone and other intricate carvings. His workshop is close to S. V. Temple, Karkala. This is worth a visit. There are about 50 cashew industrial units, in and around Karkala. The famous Bharath Beedi industry was started in Karkala and its branch is now functioning here. Shri P. Vaman Prabhu, a Konkani writer and winner of Dr. T. M. A. Pai Foundation Award for his work "Konkani Raghuvamsha" hails from Karkala.
(Pic : Gomateshwar at Dharmasthala, carved By Dr. Shilpi Gopal Shenoy)

Activities : Every year when the Annual General Meeting is held in September, a local GSB celebrity with a notable achievements in any field is honoured. During August, freeships of about Rs.20,000/-  are granted to about 130 school and college students. Scholarship distribution function is held every year during August. They distribute Rs. 18,000/- every year to about 130 students of High Schools and Colleges. Cloth is distributed to more than 100 children and 80 elders on Chandra Yugadi. Medical Aid and aid for marriages is also given in all deserving cases, wherever requests are made. Then books are distributed to more than 200 students every year during June and July. (Pic : Honour to Shri Poornima Panduranga Prabhu, a donor, entrepreneur and a popular speaker on religious matters.) (Another Center of G.S.B. Excellence)

Membership Strength : Patrons 105, Life Members 110, Ordinary members 200. 

GOWDA SARASWATHA BRAHMIN SABHA (G.S.B.SABHA), KARKALA Near Shri Venkatramana Temple, Karkala - 574104, Udupi District, Tel. : (08258) 21978.