Established in : The year 1994 by all the members of Jodhpur Saraswat Samaj. 

Inaugurated by : Swami Satyamitra Nandji Maharaj & Hon'ble Lalit K. Chatarvedi, Ex-Minister P. W. D. Govt. of Rajasthan. 

Families (approx) : 250 Families, Population : 1100. 

Journey Details : By Train - Ranakpur Express Train nos. 4708 & 4707. Bandra - Jodhpur - Bikaner Daily Train from Bombay, Surya Nageri Express, Train nos. 4846, 4845 (Link train for Karnavati Express Train nos. 2933 & 2934. Daily train from Ahemdabad to Jodhpur, Two daily Trains from Delhi, Mandore Express Train no. 2461, Delhi Jodhpur Express Train no. 4859. By Air - Delhi-Jaipur-Jodhpur on 2,4,6, & 7, Mumbai-Udaipur-Jodhpur on 2,4,5 & 7. 

Nearby Interesting Places : Jodhpur is a historical city. The places of interest are Mahrangarh Fort, Umaid Palace Bhawan, Kalyalana Lake, Mandore Garden etc. 
Persons with Notable Achivements : Shri Ganshyam Ojha, a leading Industrialist, philanthropist and a social activist. Shri R. N. Sharma, associate Professor of Law Faculty, J. N. V. University, Jodhpur connected with a number of Social Institutes of Jodhpur is an author of many books on Law. Shri Hastimalji Saraswat is a leading advocate of criminal side. Dr.Vimal Rajdan, M.D. Psychiatry is a leading psychiatrist of Western Rajasthan. He is a founder member & President of Navjivan Sansthan, a charitable institution of Jodhpur for the care and welfare of unwanted newly born children of unwed mothers and also destitute girls of the age 5-18 years not owned and supported by parents and society. 

Welfare Activities : Working for upliftment of Samaj and to eradicate Social Evils like Mrityu Bhoj, Dowry, Superstitions & illiteracy. Have organised one day All India Saraswat Brahman Conference on 14th September 1997 in which about 2500 delegates participated. Also organised two days Parichay Sammelan of boys & girls of marriageable age in which about 2000 people participated. 

Membership Strength : 350. 

President : Shri Ghanshyam Ojha Tel. : 752857 / 753857. 
Secretary :
Shri Shyam Sunder Ojha Tel. : 614124. 
Contact Persons :
Shri Hastimal Saraswat Tel. : 544742 / 543742, Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma Saraswat Tel. : 541279. 

SARASWAT BRAHMIN NAYETI SAMAJ SOCIETY (JODHPUR SARASWAT BRAHMIN SAMAJ - JSBS) 'Ramayan' 12, Pal Link Road, Jodhpur - 342008. Tel. : (0291) 752857 / 753857. 
E-mail :