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God is everywhere and why there is a need for a temple? 
 In simple terms we can state that although the radio or TV waves are everywhere to capture the waves, we need a radio or television set and temples are akin to these gadgets that give us a few of the countless aspects and glories of God. Thus they are the embodiment of our faith. Over centuries they have been teaching us the lessons of equality, fraternity and the spirit of service for the common god. They are the meeting places of our collective thinking and living. Therefore they are our invaluable assets which have come as a gift to us from our forefathers and they deserve our full participation and protection.
 For the inclusion in our web site as free service we wrote to 205 GSB TEMPLES seeking basic Information. All the temples that have responded have been included here. The information here is as on 15th Aug., 2000 in respect of office bearers. Viewers may kindly make a note of this while referring at a later date. 
  Except on Festival Days, all temples open around 6.00AM and close around 12.30 noon. Then they reopen  around 6.00 PM and close around 8.30PM. There are three poojas: in the morning, at noon and at night. Many temples have staying accommodation and marriage halls on rent.
  Finally we thank all the temple authorities for making this section colorful and informative.

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