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Headquarters : Kavle Math Ponda, Goa - 403401 (Telephone No. 0832-312049).

Short Name : Shri Kaivalya Math (Kavle Math).

Presiding Deity : Shri Bhavani Shankar.

Other Deity : Shri Muralidhara Krishna. The Math has daily three poojas, morning, afternoon and at night.

Established by : Shri Jagadguru Gowdapadacharya around 8th Century A.D.

First Guru :
Shrimat Vivarananda Saraswati Deeksha given by Shrimat Govindapada Yati, disciple of Shri Gowdapadacharya.

Present Swamiji :
Shrimat Sacchidananda Saraswati Swamiji,76th Guru in the pontifical lineage.

Pattashishya and Successor : Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati, Deeksha given on 2nd March, 1994.

Festivals and Fasts : As per the Hindu Lunar Calendar: Prominent among them, Chaturmasya vrita for four fortnights during the rainy season, Shri Gokulashtami, Ganapati Festival, Navaratri and Shivaratri besides all other festivals and fasts.

Brief History :
Shri Jagadguru Gowdapadacharya was so called because he had gone to Gowda Desha by foot to his guru as advised by a celestial voice soon after he renounced the world at a very young age. The Jagadguru lived in the 8th Century AD, can be regarded as the crest jewel of GSBs for all time to time.

Shri Bhavani Shankar

Gowdapada Karikas :
In those days when Hindu Dharma was at the lowest ebb and Bhuddha Dharma was at the peak of popularity, it was Shri Gowdapada that had bravely faced the onslaught and propagated Hindu Dharma. He was a celebrated commentator of many of the sacred writings and was well known for his commentary on Mandukya Upanishad which are famous even today as Gowdapada Karikas. For the first time he brought in the concept of Adwaita Philosophy. He was a famous 'yati' in those days and so Shri Adi Shankara who was in search of a suitable guru went to the banks of the River Narmada to get 'deeksha' from him. 

Shri Kaivalya Math :
However, when Shri Shankaracharya reached, Shri Gowdapadacharya had already taken the vow of silence and therefore he directed his disciple Shri Govindapada to give deeksha. Simultaneously he also instructed to give deeksha to Shri Vivarananda Saraswati, a GSB also to commence a new parampara of sanyasis in the Gowda Saraswat community that was flourishing in those days in Goa. Accordingly a gurupeetha was founded in Kushasthali, on the banks of the River Gomati but this original math was destroyed by the Portuguese in the year 1560 AD. The Math therefore had to move to a safer place in Ponda where it is now, which in those days was a part of Sonde Kingdom, under Hindu rule. In the process the Math has lost heavily not only by way of wealth but also invaluable records of historical importance and even today we are unable to get the full pontifical lineage of this Math. Records are available from 1560 AD. Interestingly to retain the memory of the original place of this math, even now all the rayasapatram of the Math carries the name of Kushasthali. 

The Reigning Pontiff :
Shrimat Sachhidananda Saraswati (Poorvashram Name: Shri Bhalachandra Ganapat Rao Gaitonde, Shahapur, Belgaum, born on 21st Feb. 1936), was given the deeksha by his preceptor Shrimat Poornanada Saraswati in Khanapur near Belgaum on the banks of the River Malaprabha on 16th July 1950 and this year July, 2000 AD Golden Jubilee of the deeksha is being celebrated in a year long celebration in different parts of the country. On 2nd March, 1994 Shri Swamiji has chosen his successor, Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati and as in the olden days, the shishya is being trained under the direct supervision and guidance of the guru.

Achievements : 
Shri Swamiji's regime is noted for a good number of achievements. He renovated the Math premises in Walkeshwar, Mumbai way back in 1967 and at that time the contributions made by Shri Jagaduru Gowdapadacharya to the Indian philosophy was given wide publicity by unveiling his statue in Mumbai math. To everybody's admiration he was the first to hoist the flag of GSBs in New Delhi, the capital of India, way back in 1978. Besides all the peethadhipatis, the Vice-President of India Shri B. D. Jatti called on Shri Swamiji. Shri Swamiji, a lover of our history and culture got quite a few books published in Marathi, to have a wider readership.

Rajapur Saraswats :
In the history of this math, Shri Swamiji will be remembered forever at least for one noble and historic deed. That is, our long lost brothers, Rajapur Saraswats, in the course of time had forgotten who was their Dharmaguru. It was Shri Swamiji brought who had brought them back into the fold. This small community gratefully acknowledges this deed of great kindness and states in every forum that their achievements are mainly on account of the wholehearted blessings of Shri Swamiji. The vedic school of the math in Ponda, Goa, imparts training in priesthood to them also without any discrimination

Branches of the Math :
The math has branches in the following places: Sonawada, (Kudal Dist.) Chinder (Kudal Dist), Golvan (Kudal Dist.) Nashik (Maharashtra), Rameshwar (Tamilnadu), Greater Kailash Part I, New Delhi, Durga Ghat, Varanasi, Shri Ram Mandir, Brahmavarta, Kanpur, Khanapur, (Belgaum Dist), Somavarpeth, Tilakwadi, Belgaum, Chinchewada, Sadashivgad (Uttara Kannada Dist). Halge (Uttar Kannada Dist), Ankola (Uttar Kannada), Gokarn (Uttar Kannada), Sanquelim (Goa) and Kavlem (Goa).

Sponsorship Seva by :
Shri Kachery Devanna Nayak and Smt. Sharada Devanna Nayak 
through their son Sadananda Nayak, 

Chairman, R. S. Co-op. Bank Ltd., 

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Borivali East, Mumbai-400066