Our Associations :
Our associations are socio-religious organisations, which are born out of our eagerness to join together, think together, and work together for a common cause in a locality. They are in fact a product of the modern age and are simple in structure without requiring a regular establishment like premises, deities or priests to take care. They can be floated without much expenses also.

Democratic : 
They are run on democratic principles of the equality of the rights of the members and give ample scope for the development of leadership. All the office bearers are the elected representatives with a fixed term of office so that there will be a scope for every one to come up and serve. While the temples are purely religious in nature requiring everyday poojas and observance of festivals, the associations do not have such compulsions. Then they can adapt themselves to the needs of a changing society or the locality in which they live and therefore they are more dynamic, if the members so desire. On the other side, sometimes, they also act as debating societies without any programmes even if one member becomes non-co-operative or hostile. Wherever there is unity, there is progress and goodwill and such organisations have flourished.

List of Associations

No Substitute for a Temple :
An association is not a substitute for a temple. The experience everywhere is that an association or a sabha is only a beginning and sooner or later, it will crystallize into an ownership place, then a hall, a mandir and ultimately a temple. Quite a few associations of ours have given birth to temples. 


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