Our Popular Deities


The GSBs have tremendous religious faith. Vaishnava GSBs worship Lord Vishnu or his incarnations while the Smarthas, Lord Shiva as their main deity. 

All other deities like Lord Ganesh and the consorts of Vishnu and Shiva are parivar Devatas, Kuladevatas or worshipped once in a while or annually during festivals. They have three deities, Kula Dev or family deity for compulsory worship and pilgrimage, Ishtadev, or deity of individual's choice, for prayers and meditation and finally Gram Dev, the deity in the locality where they reside. Sun is worshipped at the time of upanayanams, and while chanting of Gayatri mantra and by ladies at the time of Shravan Tulasi pooja, but there is no temple exclusively dedicated to Surya.

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Shri Ganesh

Shri Venkatraman Shri Vithoba Rakumayi
GSB Seva Mandal, Mumbai S. V. Temple, Mangalore Vithoba Mandir, Bajpe
Shri Krishna Shri Narasimha Shri Ram
Gopal Krishna Temple, Sirsi Replica of the idol at 
S. V. Temple, Mulki
Shri Ram Mandir, 
Wadala, Mumbai
Shri Shankar Shri Shantadurga Shri Hanuman
Shri Mangeshi Temple, Goa Shri Shantadurga Temple, Goa GSB Sevadal Trust, Mysore
Shri Gouri Shri Laxmi Shri Sharada
Picture of Gouri at the annual Vayana Pooja in GSB homes Shri Laxmi Temple, Bandivade, Goa Sharada idol at GSB Mandal, Dombivli

Click on the images given above for further description of the respective deity.