Established : In the 16th Century by 43 Families and their followers.

Presiding Deity : Shri Lakshmi Narayan, Shri Mahamaya, Shri Bhagvati, Shri Barangan Bhutanath, Shri Parva Santoshi, Shri Ishwar, Shri Parvati & Shri Ganapati.

Darshan Seva : On Mahanavami and Vijaya Dashami and also when required.  (Darshan Seva : Other Centres)

Scholarly Archaks : Vedshri V. V. Bhat. Tel. : 21105. D. V. Bhat. 
Tel. : 20718. D. M. Bhat Tel. : 22158. G. K. Bhat.

GSB Families : (approx.) 15, Population : 50. But this is a Kuldevata Temple with a good following.

President : Shri Vasantrao S. Dempo. V. S. Dempo & Co., Panaji, Goa. 
Tel. : (0832) 226281 to 86.

Managing Trustee : Shri Vaman N. Pai. Mathakari Ankola U. Kannada. 
Tel. : 20223 / 21135.

Manager : Shri Suresh A. Bhat. S. L. M Temple Tel. : 20222.

Dempo family from Goa, Pangal Nayaks from Dakshina Kannada, Kinis, Pais, Paigoankars, Ghodes, Mahales & Baleri families from Uttara Kannada and many Saraswat Families. There are some Vaishya, Sonar & Nagwekar families. Some Christians also visit as devotees.

History & Legend : 
Originally this Kuladevata temple was in Nagwe, Goa. Because of Portuguese atrocities, the devotees decided to move southwards with the deities. But they had a problem, as while Shri Lakshminaryan was worshipped in the form of an idol, Shri Mahamaya was virtually a sacred anthill called Rohini. Not knowing what to do, they sought guidance in the darshan seva and it was advised that the Mother Goddess would be glad to accompany them in a coconut with her sanidhya (divine presence) in it. Accordingly they carried a coconut and also the idol of Shri Lakshminarayan. On the way when they were nearing Hanumatta near Ankola (the place was so-called because of a Hanuman temple) darkness fell and so the devotees with idol and the coconut thought of breaking the journey. The night over early next morning they thought of resuming the journey but a wonder awaited them. During the night around the coconut an anthill had miraculously grown and taking it to be command from the Mother Goddess to terminate their journey and halt there only they  constructed a temple and installed the idol there.

Shri Bhangara Mahamaya Festival : A Nagwekar Shet, a wealthy jeweller from Goa decided to make an offering of a gold idol if Mother Goddess would bless him with a child. A girl child was born and the jeweller came to the temple with an idol resembling his daughter. However, after the offering was made, the child passed away. The devotee could not bear the loss. But in darshan seva he was given an assurance that the Mother Goddess would bless him again. Accordingly, again a child was born to him  and his wealth also multiplied. The idol of solid gold will be in view during the special festival, which takes place once in 5 to 7 years, as permitted in darshan seva. During Navaratri, the temple has special sevas like Chowri Pooja when a large heap of cooked rice with huge vades will be offered to the deities. At that time a special music called bandi vadya, which is not available anywhere, will be played. In many ways it is a unique temple. Marble flooring, copper plate roof, gold kalashas, and beautiful sanctum sanctorum and with 500 feet long halls the temple is the most spacious one in the whole of the district. With a good administration, the temple is managed smoothly and systematically.


Shri Lakshminarayan Mahamaya Temple, Hanumatta
P. O. Vandige, Dist. U. Kannada, Pin 581357. Tel. : (08388) 20222.