Established by : Ancestors of Archaka Family of the temple and G.S.B.s who came to Mangalore with the deities from Goa, around 1510 A.D.

Punar Prathishtha : (1.) 1707 (2.) 1875 (3.) 15th February' 2000 by H. H. Shrimat Sudhindra Thirth Swamiji of Kashi Math.

Presiding Deity : Kudtheri Shri Mahamaya Amma.

Other Deities : Shri Venkatramana, Shri Srinivas, Mahalaxmi, Mahalasanaryani, Shri Chandramaulishwara & Raktheswari Amma.

Important Festivals : Car Festival : Phalguna Shuddha Padya to Shasti (Six Days) (February / March).
Navaratri - Ashwija Shuddha Padya to Dashami (10 Days) (October).

Scholarly Archaks : Shri M. Anantha Bhat. Shri Mahamaya Temple, Mangalore - 575001. 
Tel. : 496819.
Shri M. Shrinivas Bhat. Shri Mahamaya Temple, Mangalore - 575001.

GSB Families : (approx.) 1000. Population : 50,000.

History and Special Features :

This temple in Mangalore is one of the oldest temples devoted to the worship of Shakti. The idol of Shri Mahamaya Amma was brought from Kudtheri village of Goa during the early days of 16th Century A.D. by GSB community who had to leave Goa due to Portuguese atrocities. Since then, the temple is serving the spiritual and religious needs of the community. This temple has also Lord Shrinivasa, Lord Venkatramana, Shri Raktheshwari Amma, Shri Mahalaxmi, Shri Chandramauleshwar & Shri Mahalasa Narayani as other deities.

The tank in front of the temple, called Shri Mahamaya Tirtha, is the largest tank in the city. It attracts crowds of devotees to witness the immersion of clay idols of Ganesha during Ganesh Chathurthi & Sharada during Navratri Festival.

The famous Shri Venkatramana temple is only 100 Yards away from Shri Mahamaya temple. Both the temples are like two eyes of the GSB community. They work in total harmony, mutual understanding & Co-operation. Many of the festivals & Utsava of both the temples are celebrated together especially on the following occasions when the deities of both the temples go together:  

1. On Tulsi Pooja Day & Vaishakha Shudda Poornima. 
2. On Madhva Navami Day in the chariot of Shri Venkatramana Temple.
3. On Vijaya Dashami Day the palanquins to Karangalpady for offering pooja to the standing new paddy crop and back to temples together, with the new corn for making Navanha (New Rice).
4. On the Kartika Shudda Poornima for 'Vanabhojana' and in the same evening for celebrating 'Deepothsavam'.

Managing Trustee: Shri M. Raghunath Bhat. Tel. : 491381.
Trustee: Shri N. N. Nayak. Tel. : 481380.
Shri K. Madhava Kamath. Tel. : 459550.
Shri K. Vithaldas Prabhu. Tel. : 408957.
Shri K. Venkatesh Kamath. Tel. : 491588.
Other Contact Persons : Shri M. Ananth Bhat, Shri M. Shrinivas Bhat, Shri M. Nagesh Bhat.

Kudtheri Shri Mahamaya Temple
Shri Mahamaya Temple Road, Mangalore - 575001. Tel. : (0824) 496819.