"PRATISHTHA" : Punar pratishtha by H. H. Shrimat Vidhyadhiraj Tirtha Swamiji on 23rd May 1991.

Presiding Deity : Shri Gopalkrishna & Shri Venkatraman

Other Deities : Shri Laxmi, Satyabhama & Shri Mukhya Pran Dev

Important Festivals : 'Foundation Day' (Magha Shuddha Saptami ) in the month of May and Car Festival in the month of February. 
Scholarly Archaks : Shri Venkatesh Savala Bhat Tel. : 21360, Shri Shanteri Kamakshi Dev Kumta.

GSB Families : (approx.) 800, Population : 4000.

Journey Details: By Rail : Konkan Railway. By Road : Bus NH/17.

President : Shri Vasudev Yeshwant Prabhu. 
Tel. : (Res.) - 23289 & 23155 (Off.) - 22255.
Secretary :
Shri Vishnu Babu Shanbhag. 
Tel. : (Res.) -22348 (Off.) - 22048.
Manager : Shri Venkatesh Sheshagiri Prabhu. 
Other Cont. Persons : Shri Satish Sheshagiri. Tel. : (Res.) - 22800. Shri Venkatesh Govind Bhat, Shri Shrikant Vaman Bhat.
Archaks : Shri Shrinivas Purshottam Bhat, Shri Anant Baba Bhat. 
(Pic : Shri Swamiji participating in Chariot Festival)

The temple is situated in the heart of Kumta town ( Khumbhapuri ) Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka State. It is a religious, spiritual and social centre of activities of Gowda Saraswat Brahmin Community.

Long time back Lord Gopalkrishna was worshipped here. In front of this, there was a small temple of Shri Hanumant. Later a beautiful idol of Lord Venkatesh was brought here by a learned Sanyasi and before his pilgrimage to northern India, he installed the idol in this temple. Since then, this town saw all round progress and this temple was renamed as Venkatraman Temple. Now it is a holy center for innumerable devotees of the community in and around Kumta.

This temple under the control of Shri Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math, is also called a Math.

In 1981 under the stewardship of our H. H. Shri Vidyadhiraj Tirth Swamiji "Ati Vishnu Mahayag" was performed. It as a historic event and was regarded as the first Mahayag in Karnataka State.

The Chaturmasya Vrita of H. H. Shrimat Vidyadhiraj Tirth Swamiji in the year 1993 was another great event. The annual religious functions like Rathotsav, Kartikotsav, Saptaprahar Bhajan, Champashasti Utsav, Ugadi, Ramnavami, Mukkoti Dwadashi, Anant Vritha, Akashaya Triteeya, etc. are celebrated with due devotion and all members of the community participate with unity and solidarity which is really a matter of great pride.