Established in : 1565 A.D. by Archaks by name "GURAV" who brought the original bronze idol of Shri Mahalasa from Verna (Goa) in an earthen pot and consecrated in the temple. The land was donated by the Pai family of Kumta.

Presiding Deity : Shri Mahalasa Narayani.

Other Deities : Shanteri, Grampurush, Bhagavati, Dadshankar, Laxminarayan and Kalabhairav.

Important Festivals : Chaitra Shudha 5 - Pratishtha Vardhanti Utsav, Shravan Masa - Pushpa Pooja on the last Sunday, Ashwij Shudh 1 - Sharada Navaratrotsav, Ashwij Vadya 1 - Darshan Prasad on Shashti, Dashami, Poornima and Vadya Padya, Shami Pooja on Dasara, Nagarotsav on Vadya Padya, Falguna Vadya 1 to Falguna vadya 5 - Suggi Utsav. Foundation Day - March /April.

Darshan Seva  : Gram purush, Mhalpurush, Simhapurush. Service by post available. The problem should be clearly written in the letter. Kanika might be remitted. The details and Prasad  will be sent by post.  (Darshan Seva : Other Centres) 

Scholarly Archaks : Ved Murthy Ramesh Shrinivas Bhat, Archak Shri Mahalasa Narayani Temple, Kumta, Tel. : 23745. (Res.)

Welfare Activities  : Matrimonial Services.

Managing Trustee : Shri Damodhar Annappa Pai, Tel. : 22328 (Res.)
Manager  :
Shri Vinod S. Shanbag.
Other Contact Person :
Shri Vivek M. Pai, Tel. : 23619 (Res.), Shri Krishna B. Pai, Tel. : 22226 (Res.). 
(Pic : Bronze moola murthy brought from Verna Goa in 1565)

History : This is an ancient temple dating back to 5 centuries. It houses old and rare artistic carvings in wood on the ceiling of the Sandhya Mantap (See Pictures below) and most artistic wall paintings in red and white lime and mortar which are of cultural relevance and the specimens of centuries old Indian craftsmanship worthy of preservation. The wall paintings depict episodes from Mahabharata and Ramayana. This temple is considered as a museum of rare wood carvings and wall paintings of lime and mortar. Worth a visit.





Car Street, Near Teen Katta, Kumta, Dist. Uttar Kanada - 581343. Tel. : (08386) - 22119 Telegraphic address : Mahalasa Temple, Kumta.