Established : (Hindu) Shri Shalivahan Shake 1808 Vaishakh Shukla Saptami (English) 10th May 1886 by G.S.B Community headed by Shri Krishnappa Dhakappa. 

Presiding Deity : Shri Krishna Vasudev. 

Important Festivals : Jayanthi Festival in Vaishakh Shukla Saptami, Shri Krishna Jayanti, Gopalkala - Bhadrapada Shukla Trayodashi, Anant Vrata Archana Pooja on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi (September).

Darshan Seva : On every Thursday Prasna Seva is available. At that time Doubts & Questions can be asked and answers & solutions are given by Archaks: Shri Vithalacharya the senior Archak is known for his Astrological faculty. People from Goa, Banglore & Bombay and all over Karnataka visit Sirsi for this purpose. His young disciple, Shri Sharan Acharya, is also popular and both of them have appreciation from the Swamiji of Shri Gokarn Math. (Click here for Another Prashna Seva center)

GSB Families (approx): 2000 Families.Population around 10,000.

Journey Details: Sirsi is an important and growing town, with a city Municipal Council. Is a commercial centre for supari, cardamom and pepper and also forest produce. Is a hill station but it has no rail links. Kumta & Hubli are the nearest Railway Stations. The town has good motorable roads to Bombay, Panaji, Banglore & Mangalore and all district centres in Karnataka.

Nearby Interesting Places : A few yards from the Temple is the Marikamba Temple. The world famous Jog falls is about 50 Kms. 

Historical Places : Banavasi and Sonda are a few Km away. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature full of rivulets and mountain streams. 

President : Shri Shankarrao S. Pandit B.Sc. 
Managing Trustee & Chairman: Shri Anandrao Desai.

History & Legend : This happened some 115 years ago. The founder of the temple, Shri Krishnappa Dhakappa was residing in a place across the Veerabhadra Street that had two temples-at the one end Shri Marikamba Temple and at the other end Shri Veerabhadra's - both deities known for their fury and violent passion. On a Rigupakarma Day he felt that the street should have one more temple dedicated to a gentle natured deity known for bringing about peace and tranquility that night he had a dream in which he was performing a pooja. As the pooja was in progress he heard his name called out from a tower across the street and it announced : "I am Lord Krishna. I had given protection to you people in Dwarka in the ancient times and then Goa. Now I am affording protection to all of you residing through out Konkan. Erect my temple in Nagabana close to your house and I will answer all your prayers. The next day he revealed this to his friends who at once accepted the suggestion of erecting Shri Gopal Krishna temple and before long the temple came into existence. The place is made holy by the visit of many celebrities like Mahatma Gandhiji, Shri Rajendra Prasad, Bhagavan Shridhar Swamiji, Bhagwan Shri Satya Sai Baba and our own swamijis.  


Marigudi Bazar, SIRSI, N. Kanara, Karnataka - 581401.
Grams : GopalKrishna Mandir.