Reinstallation Ceremony : English Calendar - 1537 A.D.
Hindu Calendar - Vaishaka Shudda 15th Shaka, 1459

Presiding Deity : Lord Shri Venkatraman & Lord Shri Srinivas.

GSB Families (approx)  : 500 Families, Total Population : 4000.

Journey Details : Can reach from Mangalore or Udupi by Road.

Major Festivals : a) Annual Chariot Festival: Vaishakh Shuddha Panchami (April-May) b) Famous Karkal Laksha Deepotsava when one lakh clay tray oil lamps glow all over Karkal. Kartik Bahula Panchami (Oct.-November) and on the same day, during daytime c) Vanabhojana-symbolic  annual Tirupati Yatra, a day time festival when both the Presiding Deities will go in a grand procession.  

Welfare Activities/Social Events : Educational Institutions - S.V.T. Higher Primary School, S.V.T Girls P. U. College, Shri Venkataramana Women's (First Grade) college, Scholarships given & Matrimonial Services extended.

Managing Trustees : Shriyuts. K. Ramesh Prabhu. Tel. : 20311, B. Krishna Shenoy. Tel. : 20653, 
K. Mohandas Shenoy. Tel. : 20045.  

History :
This is an ancient and renowned temple belonging to Gowda Saraswat Samaj. From the records available it can be noted the reinstallation ceremony was performed in the year 1537 A.D. The Presiding Deity 'Lord Shri Srinivas' and the 'Utsava Murthy'  Shri Venkatraman both are
two names of one and the same deity. Lord Venkatraman is known as "Bhakta Vatsala", and any prayer offered with devotion is always answered. Instances of miracles in answer to the Lord here are cited by many. The Sacred Idol of the presiding deity here was brought by a saintly a sanyasi who used to collect Kanika from the devotees to be taken to Tirupati. He offered the Idol of Lord Srinivasa to the temple here on condition that the Idol would be taken every year to Tirupati along with the Kanika received. The Kanika received in the name of the Lord of Tirupati is offered religiously to Tirupati Temple, periodically in a pilgrimage called  "Rama Dandu". So far five such Yatras in the History of the Temple, the latest being in 1970, have taken place. Once a year in a grand and ceremonious procession Lord Shri Srinivas is taken out in golden mandapa and Lord Shri Venkatraman in the pallaki for Vanabhojana which literally means an outing to the forest in a magnificent Hagalu Utsav, in the eastern part of Karkala. Since Tirupati is in the east, Lord Srinivas is supposed to have been taken to Tirupati. Incidently, this is the only day in a year when the Lord Srinivas is taken out of the temple. Thus the word given to the sanyasi is symbolically kept up year after year. The presiding deity over here Lord Srinivas is called the Lord of Tirupati by the devotees, as the daily poojas here are almost like the ones offered at Tirupati. Therefore Karkal is also known as "Padu Tirupati" (Western Tirupati). The gold, silver & wooden "Vahanas” and also the other  paraphernalia of the temple, speak volumes about the glory and the greatness of this temple. As a part of cultural activities the temple organises concerts in Classical Music & Dance and also Hari Katha & Spiritual Discourses etc regularly in the temple.  

Special Features : 
GSBs of Karkal love their Lord as a member of their family. Wherever they are, during the annual celebrations they flock to Karkal back and participate in the festivities. The temple has four granite pillars with beautiful, artistic and intricate carvings by the Late Shri Ranjal Gopal Shenoy, a master sculptor called the Shilpi who  had won many national and international awards. His giant Buddha is adorning one of the places in Japan also. The pillars suggest the great heights the GSBs can reach if they make up their mind. Just across the street is the giant - size Hanuman temple.  
This temple is a success story of combining religion with social and cultural and educational activities.  (Another Center of G.S.B. Excellence)

 Karkala Car Street, Karkala - 574104. Tel. : (08258) 23011.