This ancient temple, in the form of a boat is standing on a tiny islet in the river Nandini, on the way to Bajpe Airport from Kinnigoli. The deity is Mother Goddess Durga Parameshwari. The temple has seen phenomenal growth in the recent years. It is running full-fledged educational institutions with free midday meals to the students and is encouraging a lot of cultural and religious activities. In the Yakshagana folk art, classes are being conducted here. Among the educational institutions there is a Sanskrit centre that imparts training in priesthood with short term and long term courses recognised by the Mangalore University. It is stated that this is the only centre available 
in the whole of the jurisdiction of the University and the temple helps the students by way of free boarding and lodging facilities. The annual chariot festival of the temple in April/May is an event by itself. Shravan Maas (in rainy season) and Navaratri are famous here drawing large crowds from all over the district.

Legend: The tiny township of  Kateel is on the bank of River Nandini and the temple is on a small islet  connected by two small bridges to the main land  across the river As the legend goes, Nandini is the daughter of the celestial cow Kamadhenu, with equal prowess of fulfilling wishes. She came down to the earth upon a curse from Maharshi Jabali. Although she was later liberated by Mother Goddess, she stayed on in service of  the Mother and is continuing even today.

 There was a demon called Arunasura who was very powerful after obtaining  boons from Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati that he would not  be killed by gods, goddesses, human beings, animals  with two or four legs or by any weapons. Mother Goddess came down to his palace garden in the guise of a beautiful maiden. The demon was lured. He wanted to marry her and chased her. She vanished into a rock and in a bid to bring her back from the rock he hit hard with his sword.  At once from the broken rock came a swarm of bumble bees and one among them was the queen with a diamond body. She attacked the demon and killed him with her strong stings. She was none other than the Mother Goddess who had assumed the form of the bumble bee with six legs to come over the boon. Thus She was known Bhramarambike. The sages prayed Her to reside forever in the place in the same form to bless the devotees. She agreed. Mythologically all this happened in Kateel.

GSBs in and around Kateel are ardent devotees of this temple. About 100 years ago a silver palanquin was dedicated to the deity by Shri Shrinivas Vaikuntha Pai, a Merchant in Kateel, which is utilised even to this day for the procession of the deity. The Temple honours the heirs Shri Pai every year during the chariot festival. (See Photo of the palanquin in a procession).

 Journey Details: Nearest Railway Station: Mulki on Konkan Railway, Air-port: Mangalore. Good Motorable roads connect Kateel  with  Mulki and Mangalore. The Temple has accommodation to stay.

The temple  has become very popular since the days of  Veda Murti Late Shri Gopalkrishna Asranna on account of his devotion to the  deity and dedication to the duties and very good public relations.

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