This is the original seat of Shriman Madhwacharya who expounded and propagated Dwaita Philosophy in the 13th Century. Many GSBs are the followers of this philosophy. As the legend goes, Shri Madhwa had, by dint of his spiritual prowess rescued a ship from Dwarka, caught in a tempest near Malpe. The captain of the ship out of gratefulness gifted two balls of gopichandan to Shri Acharya. The balls contained in them the idols of Shri Balarama and Shri Krishna. Shri Acharya installed Balarama in Malpe and Krishna in Udupi. This temple is a hub of cultural, religious and spiritual activities round the year. The Annual Makara Sankranti Festival(14th Jan.) draws huge crowds. Every two years there is Paryaya Ceremony when each one of the eight peethadhipatis by rotation automatically gets the authority to be in charge of the temple and also Shri Madhwa's spiritual seat.

 The place is called Anna Brahma. Every visitor gets free food at the temple. The temple has a golden chariot and  a diamond studded crown for the deity. There is a Gita Bhavan to propagate the message of the Lord.

 The Turning Point:

 Shri Madhwacharya, made Udupi as his centre of activities for the propagation of his newly found theory of Dwaita Philosophy, that tells in simple terms, that the Soul Supreme(God) and the individual soul are two separate entities.

It is believed that the sacred lamp in front of Lord Krishna, lighted by Shri Acharya  on the day of installation, is still burning unceasingly for the last  700 years, like his Madhwa Philosophy.

Saint Kanakdas:

In the sixteenth century there lived a saint-poet called Kanakdas, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. As the legend goes, thesaint, an untouchable being unable to enter the temple,  sang the glories of the Lord, standing behind the temple. Pleased with his devotion, the idol facing the direction of east turned to west and there was a crack in the wall through which Kanakdas could have the darshan to his heartís content. In the place of the crack, there is a window known as Kanakaís Window. To commemorate this event, every Swamiji who is going to ascend the paryaya peetha should first have a darshan of the Lord through this window. A few years ago not far away from the window, a life-size statue of  Kanakdasí was installed. Now the saint receives pooja in Udupi, every day. Glory  to God and His devotees!

Journey Details:

Udupi has a Railway Station on the Konkan Railways. The Nearest Airport is Mangalore. It is connected to all the centres of Karnataka with good motorable roads besides the National Highway.

This temple of All India fame is held in high esteem by  GSBs.

In Udupi the GSBs have  Shri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple, a hub of social and religious activities  and  Manipal, the great education centre of  International repute is closeby.

Address: Shri Krishna Temple, Udupi, Pin Code No.576 101, Karnataka State.