Our Popular Deities


Shri Ashwath Narayan

Our forefathers were worshipping the peepul or Ashwatha tree treating it as Narayan or God himself. Such of those who did not have the  progeny  were taking a vow to plant  this tree.It was believed that as soon as the plant will have 1000 leaves, the family will get a child. Once the tree was planted they had the responsibility to have the upanayanam and the marriage also of the tree. The bride would be essentially a Tulsi Plant.  The trees were mostly planted on the road side with platforms around them so that travellers and devotees could sit for a while and relax. It would also facilitate to go round the tree for a pradakshina. Going simply by its uses, a shade giving tree, it is now scientifically proved that the Ashwatha tree, in the photosynthesis activity of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, gives more output and during night time also it gives oxygen while all the trees and plants only carbon dioxide.