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Shri Satyanarayan

(Pic. Shri Satyanarayan at Shantikunj)
Shri Satyanarayan is none other than Lord Vishnu and his pooja is often called a vrita or a vow and is observed on full moon days, sankranti days or even on new moon days. The most auspicious days are the poornimas of Chaitra, Vaishakh, Shravan and Kartik.  It is not an expensive religious programme, as the prasad consists of ‘sapat’ made up of wheatflour, sugar and a little ghee. With the help of a priest who has to read the story of Shri Satyanarayan whole pooja should be over within a couple of hours. Among the GSBs nowadays, soon after the wedding ceremony, the next day or the third day with the newly wed couple at the pooja, the vrita is invariably observed without any exception, popularly calling it ‘dev’. Satyanarayan is regarded as the remover of all difficulties and so nowadays his pooja is performed, also as a panacea for all problems and difficulties. 
The whole ‘vrita’ is nothing but  ‘shravan’ or listening to the devotional stories of the greatness of God whose grace alone can and will bring us happiness.There are several stories known as Katha which the priest will read out  for us as a part of the worship that  tell us  ignoring God or His devotees will bring in untold miseries but when we rectify the mistakes on our part and  do not repeat them, such actions will please God. This is the central theme of Shri Satyanarayan Pooja that will inculcate devotion in us.
(Pic. Mamoth Satyanarayan pooja at Shantikunj