Our Popular Deities


Shri Hanuman

Veer Hanuman  symbolises  unlimited prowess . His unmatching devotion to the Lord and also faithfulness to the master and the duties assigned to him have taken him to more than immortality. He is admired and worshipped by the young and the old alike and there are quite a few temples dedicated to him. In most  of our temples he will be one among the parivar devatas or the retinue of the Lord. He is seen in Shiva temples also as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.(Pic. Shows the giant Hanuman statue in a separate temple in front of Shri Venkatraman Temple, Karkal)  

Rare Reward:

Ravana secures a boon that if at all he should be killed he should be slayed by a human being and not by anyone, hoping that he human are always weaker than the demons. Therefore Lord Vishnu had to incarnate as the Prince of Ayodhya. Throughout Lord Rama never exhibited the divinity except on one occasion which is as follows:

 When Sugriva, the Monkey Chief sends different teams in search of Sita in different directions, Hanuman was included in the team heading to South and before the departure, Lord Rama calls Hanuman to his side and giving his royal ring, says, ”Hanuman, I am sure you will be able to find out Sita. Show this ring to her and she will be able to recognise  you as my messenger.” Accordingly, Hanuman was successful in locating Sita and also in  handing  over the ring, to Sita  who in turn gave her crest jewel to be carried back to Lord Rama.

After the successful mission of Lanka when Hanuman gave it to Lord Rama, he was so overjoyed that he embraced Hanuman  and announced, ”Hanuman you will be the next Brahma.” This was in a rare recognition of his services. The creator Brahma too  has an end and Lord Vishnu alone decides who would be the next creator.There are quite a few GSB temples dedicated to Shri Hanuman. In a good number of cases Hanuman  will be in a smaller shrine as one of the Parivar Devata or a member of the entourage of the Presiding Deity. Saturday is his day andthe tender coconut abhisheka is the seva offered to him  in GSB temples, to win his grace.