Our Popular Deities


Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna needs no introduction and  GSBs have Him in their midst as Vittal. And therefore there are only a few temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. But He is worshipped on Gokulashtami Day, 8th day of Krishna Paksha of Shravana  month with a day long  fast and midnight pooja chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama and 108 Shri Krishna’s glorious names, accompanied by the offering of equal number of tulsi dals-two leaves each.  After the midnight pooja the fast will be broken. Bhagawat Purana has one shloka that summarises the Lord’s glories as follows: “In the days of yore, the Lord, born of Devaki, brought up by Yashoda, killed the wicked Putana. Then he lifted the Govardhana Hill, slayed Kamsa and protected  the sons of Kunti.”  Shrimad Bhagwat Gita is His creation  and at least once in life time one should read it. Then the 12th Chapter, the smallest one in the Gita is worth chanting everyday in every home. Not only chanting, let us understand and try to follow. This contains the essence of human behavior  and qualities and virtues.(In the picture is Shri Dwarakadish Shri Krishna  installed in Shri Sadguru Dham of GSB Sabha, Baroda, by H.H.shrimat Sudhindra Tirth Swamiji in the year 2001)  

Lord Krishna was a great champion of the cause of women.

After killing Narakasura he married all the 16,000 princesses imprisoned by him and gave them a new lease of life. Then about Draupadi!  When Yudhishtira lost her at the game of dice, Duryodhana thought of humiliating her by instructing his younger brother, Dusshasan to bring her to the royal court and disrobe. When nobody was able to help her out, she prayed to Lord Krishna for protection. Although he was in far off lands he heard the prayers and granted her ‘akshaya vasana’, the endless robe or saree and all the efforts by the devilish Dusshasan in trying to  disrobe became futile. Not long ago in devout GSB residences Draupadi Vastrapaharan, a Konkani ballad, was sung by ladies as a part of evening prayers in praise of Lord Krishna.