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Shri Mahalakshmi

Mother Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu, is the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and Beauty. In Vaishnava Sampradaya she is next to Lord Vishnu in the hierarchy and Her grace is needed to get the Lord’s grace. During Dasara, on the Vijaya Dashami day, the new corn is worshipped as Dhanya Lakshmi in the farm and then ceremoniously brought home. During Deepavali in our shops and offices Shri Lakshmi Pooja takes place. Quite a few GSBs have Shri Mahalakshmi as their Kula swamini. But rarely Her pooja takes place in our homes.


  Shri Mahalakshmi is often called the daughter of the ocean as she came out of the water at the time of Amrit Manthan. The story as narrated in Bhagwat Puran is as follows:

 When  the churning started a great amount of poison was released from the sea, which Parameshwara gulped down to save the lives of all. Thereafter, one by one came from the sea, the moon, the celestial horse, the Iravata  elephant and the eight great elephants of eight directions, parijata, kaustubha gem and the “apsara” damsels.

 The churning continued and as it progressed slowly and slowly from the ocean bed started coming out a strange flow and as the days passed, the glow started brightening up. Before long, like the molten gold the whole ocean started shining brilliantly. Now from the middle of the ocean came out a large bud of red lotus. When both the gods and demons started looking at it inquisitively, the bud started blossoming into a beautiful lotus of a thousand petals. As they watched wonderstruck, it was mysteriously transformed into a golden lotus and when it completely unfolded itself, to their view came Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and beauty majestically seated in the centre, with all splendour and glory with the brilliance of a thousand suns. What a great and grand sight it was! Who could described her beauty, the very deity of beauty and wealth! The sight was really beyond the realm of description and imagination and even comprehension.

 Welcoming her came from the heavens a grand shower of flowers and thousands of rainbows appeared on the sky to mark the auspicious occasion. From all the directions was heard the celestial music singing her glories and all over, there were chants of vedic hymns praising and saluting her greatness calling her as “Shree” the most auspicious one. The beauty incarnate Lakshmi was carrying a beautiful garland of lotus in full bloom and she had emerged from the ocean as a bride most beautifully decorated and dressed up, in search of a suitable bridegroom.

 Looking at her inexhaustible wealth, undiminishing grace and incomparable beauty, everyone flocked to her with gifts and presents to win her heart. But caring little for everyone and everything she went to Lord Vishnu, the lord of three worlds and garlanded him without any loss of time. Lord Vishnu also accepted her hand and the joyous occasion was heralded by the beating of the celestial drums to announce the greatest wedding in the universe. Thus Goddess Lakshmi became the consort of Lord Vishnu.

 Married ladies in  difficulties are often advised to offer Kumkumarchan seva, a very inexpensive seva  in our temples to Mother Goddess Lakshmi besides chanting Shri Lakshmi Sahasra Nama one thousand names. Nowadays the annual Shri Vara Mahalakshmi Vrita also has become popular. A mammoth Kumkumarchan Seva was organised at Mulki Shri Venkatraman temple on 23rd Sept., 2001 when about 1000 ladies participated. (See pic)