Our Popular Deities


Lord Shiva 

Lord Shiva, one among the trimurties, is a popular deity of Smartha Sampradaya. The deity of daily worship of Shri Kavle Math is Shri Bhavani Shankar and many temples in Goa  are dedicated to Him in one name or the other, like Shri Mangesh, Shri Nagesh, Shri Ramnath etc. and according to one version all the GSBs at one point of time  were the worshippers of Shiva only.  Going by the history of idol worship, we learn that the Shivalinga was the first symbol denoting God. Whatever is the history, Lord Shiva is noted for bestowing  boons easily. Being the deity of ‘laya’ or destruction, we need His grace to come or destroy our selfishness, ego, lust etc. He is called Mrityunjaya, the conqueror of the death-god and all havans and yajnas craving for longevity or when there is a danger for life, are dedicated to Triyambaka or Lord Shiva.  He is regarded as a great Vaishnava and so in many of our temples, Shivaratri is being observed religiously, in the month of Magha. Quite a few devotees will observe a daylong fast  and chant His glories. Strangely there are hardly any temples  exclusively of Lord Shiva’s  in Karnataka or Kerala under the GSB management or ownership.  

Shri Parameshwar:

Indra, the ruler of Swarga lost all his wealth on account of a curse by the sage Durvasa. Under the advice from Lord Vishnu, it was decided to churn the milky ocean to retrieve the lost wealth besides getting from the ocean, amrita. But as the tas was very difficult, Lord Vishnu suggested that the demons be invited to join hands with the devas on the understanding that half the amrit coming out from the waters would be handed over to them. The demons agreed. As the churning started, a great quantity of poison was released from the ocean  and the terrible killer poison started burning the universe. Knowing not what to do everyone started praying to Lord Shiva  for protection. Without wasting time Lord Shiva took the poison in his palms and started gulping down. Goddess Parvati who was close by somehow felt that the poison must not enter Shiva’s stomach and so pressed hard at his neck.  As a result it remained there frozen making his neck blue. Since then he is called Shri Neelakantheshwar. As he had saved universe from the deadly poison, he was hailed as Shri Parameshwar. Thereafter the churning continued and from the ocean emerged the cool crescent moon.  As the poison had brought in enormous heat in his body, Lord Shiva immediately took the moon and  kept  on his head. Since then he has another name, Shri Chandramouleeshwar also. 

Shri Mangesh:

How did Lord Shiva become Shri Mangesh? The story goes like this: On account of some misunderstanding, Parvati left Kailas angrily.  As she was wandering aimlessly in a forest, Shiva assumed the form of a gigantic tiger, and stood on the way. Terribly frightened by a mere look at the tiger, Parvati remembered Shiva and cried for help calling him as Girish. Instead of shrieking, “Pahimam Girish” she fumbled in fear and said, “Mangirish” which later became Mangesh.